An inventory; a description of the contents of something; a record or breviate; a review or a critique.

Anagraph is a design and publishing studio based in Berkeley, CA. We create inventive, beautiful, powerful work to help you tell your story better. We specialize in content, brand, storytelling and strategy across digital and print—and we focus on the things that can help you stand out. Your identity, your stories, your marketing.

Anagraph’s team combines a love of agenda-setting work with a dedication to excellence. Our growing portfolio builds on the deep experience we’ve gained from years in design, publishing, technology and journalism.

We love to create great, long-term relationships with our clients, to understand what they really need, and to push them to the next level. We are also the makers of Anxy magazine, a boundary-breaking print and digital publication, which allows us to bring the lessons we’ve learned for ourselves to bear on every project.


Our focus on creative excellence comes from working at the leading edge. Anagraph's team of designers, editors, writers and creative voices produce stunning work that makes people take notice.

Our founder:

Indhira Rojas, principal and creative director.  She founded Anxy magazine in 2016 after a decade working at the intersection of branding, editorial, and interaction design for publications such as The Bold Italic, Once, Modern Farmer, Atlas Obscura and Medium. Her work has been featured in the New York Times Magazine and exhibited at Pasadena Museum of California Art in Los Angeles.


2701 Eighth St, Suite 205
Berkeley, CA