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Anxy Magazine

Award-winning publishing with a twist

Art Direction, Publication Development



Before Anagraph even existed, the team worked together to build Anxy, a magazine about mental health as seen through a creative lens. It’s a personal passion for us, allowing us to learn and improve, and keep ourselves at the leading edge of design and editorial practice.



Creating a publication from scratch—especially a printed magazines—is no easy feat. Fortunately, we know what we’re doing. The project required us to do everything to get Anxy off the ground, from end to end. That includes: branding; finding contributors; producing and editing text; assigning and revising artwork; liaising with printers and producers; marketing to potential purchasers, subscribers, stockists, and distributors; and then launching a website and completing fulfilllment of physical products to customers.



Anxy’s development went through several distinct phases. We began by market-testing using Kickstarter, developing the overall brand and idea with our team. When consumer interest was confirmed, we assembled our resources and dived into a period of content development and production (3 months.) Issue No.1 launched in May 2017 with a coordinated rollout. We repeated the process again for Anxy No.2, having developed and refined strong relationships with printers, distributors, and stockists, and e-commerce partners.


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Bobbie Johnson, Editor-in-Chief