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Celebrating work in an unique way. Using personal stories to help a software brand stand out from the crowd.

Art Direction, Editorial Content



Any company’s success relies on its most important assets—its workforce. But making sure that employees are excited by their jobs, and receiving the right feedback to help them succeed, often gets forgotten as businesses grow. Fast-growing software company Lattice prides itself on gathering feedback and providing performance reviews that make managers smarter and employees happier.

Anagraph assigned and edited all copy, brought in illustration to illuminate the stories, art directed and produced all assets, circulated the work among influential industry sources and wrote social media campaign copy.



Lattice knew it wanted to provide content about management and work that could be engaging and useful for readers—but it also knew that the results had to stand out from the crowd. There are lots sources for advice and tips, so what needed to be different? Creating a package that was eye-catching, arresting, and unusual was a tall order: but Anagraph’s rich design philosophy and human-centered storytelling approach was a perfect match.


After diving in to Lattice’s existing brand strategy and content marketing, Anagraph explored the core values and long-term ambitions of the company’s communications. Our team worked with Lattice to build a series of approaches that could punch above their weight in a crowded market of me-too content. The result was #WorkingItOut, an e-book and series of articles which drew on personal experiences and high-end art direction to create a intriguing, bespoke package. Subjects included notable industry leaders like Tim Schafer (DoubleFine) and Julia Grace (Slack) and workers from a range of different businesses, all discussing moments that gave them pause in their careers.



The #WorkingItOut campaign ran in September 2017, and drove more than TK views and TK.

Anagraph’s efforts generated earned media and syndication to titles including Fast Company, Business Insider, and the San Francisco Chronicle.


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Alma Avila, Lattice