A unique experience for creative professionals. How do you make a live event really stand out?

Art Direction, Motion Graphics


Primo results
Over 100 creators gathered in Los Angeles, CA in November 2017 to exchange best practices and lessons learned at PatreCon—Patreon’s annual conference. Anagraph worked together with the Patreon team to design a unique event experience. From concept to execution, we brought the event to life by designing the event website, environmental graphics, plus all the collateral elements from custom name tags, notebooks, pencils, t-shirts, totebags and more.



New logo and icons. After patrecon completed its rebranding (logo icons), came to us to build on their vocabulary .


After Patreon completed their rebranding process, they wanted to also elevate the PatreCon event to  

Vivid focused on representing the cross-pollination of diverse creative fields.


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John Doe, Patreon